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Sacrifice T-Shirt with Havamal / Odin Quote

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"All Training Is Sacrifice." A training shirt following the example of Odin, who sacrificed himself to himself to learn the secret of the runes. Everything worth having or knowing costs something. Time, money, sweat, comfort. Every time you train, you give a piece of what you have and what you are for what you want and who you want to be. 

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Product Information

The Old Norse for "myself to myself,"sjálfur sjálfum mér, is worked in to the light print on the front of the shirt, and the reverse reads: "I know that I hung, for nine full nights, on a windy tree, wounded with a spear, a sacrifice to Odin, myself to myself." 

The black version of the shirt is an athletic cut 100% cotton Next Level t-shirt, printed with a discharge method that makes the print part of the shirt. 

The clay version of the shirt is an athletic cut venetian gray Next Level Tri-Blend. These are printed with a more traditional process, and slightly more expensive to produce, but the fabric is lighter and cooler feeling and is the one I find myself reaching for, especially if I'm going to train. 

On The Bindrune:

The bindrune was created for this shirt/essay, and it is meant to symbolize the elements of Odin's sacrifice and exchange on Yggdrasil. In addition to an inverted and upright Ansuz, the rune most closely associated with Odin and used for mastery in the OATTH runes, the bindrune contains Laguz (symbolizing the lake or the Well of Urðr), Eihwaz, symbolizing consciousness and the world tree Yggdrasil, Isa, for concentration and inspiration, Hagalaz from the Younger Futhark for creation through destruction, Gebo for exchange, and even Tiwaz for purpose, courage and victory.