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"Ghost Charioteer" T-Shirt

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100% Cotton T-Shirt. Fitted. Black with discharge printed design in Brutalco "old golden tan." Short Sleeved. If you want the cutoff for the gym, grab a pair of scissors and do it yourself. 


"Where are the men of the wheel and the chariot, the terrors of the steppe, the men of thunder and the shining sun? Where are the men who make marvels and masterpieces, who found orders and demand not merely utility — but beauty? Who has a symphony in his heart? Where are the egos big enough to build castles? Who among you has the courage to become a new prophet for a new age? Better still, a thousand new prophets for a thousand new ages! Only YOU can drown out the mind-numbing hum of the universal hive!"

- Jack Donovan, A More Complete Beast

This commissioned design was inspired by the Indo-European tribes who invented the wheel, domesticated horses, and made war with chariots. Imagine the awe and horror of a man who saw, for the first time in history, a warrior driving a chariot at lighting speed across the steppe, hurling spears of death. 

The words of these solar people are echoes in all European languages -- in these very words. They are ghosts in European culture and blood. Their gods become all gods and their stories become every story. 

This shirt is a tribute to their fire, ingenuity and virility.  

* * *

On the chariot, you can find a Bronze Age sun wheel, based on a relic found in Switzerland, that symbolizes the solar visionary, the eye in the sky, the allfather-skyfather that reveals that which lies in darkness, and gives order to an earth-bound world of chaos.